Following your arrival at Dubrovnik airport, enjoy a transfer to your hotel. As the first glimpses of the King’s Landing appear in your sightlines, you’ll understand many famous words about Dubrovnik, including the ones of the Game of Thrones producers, who stated the town “struck them as something directly out of a George Martin novel.” The incredibly preserved medieval core of Dubrovnik, enveloped in thick stone walls, thus earned the role of the King’s Landing. Start your movie tour days with a bang: a dinner at a restaurant near all the filming locations, which happened to host many GOT cast members during their stay in Dubrovnik. Sophie Turner, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Aidan Gillen, Gwendoline Christie, Natalie Dormer and now you! Round off day one with a stroll down the Walk of Shame steps and an overnight stay in Dubrovnik.
Today is the day for discovering the city of the Iron Throne. Following breakfast, embark on a Game of Thrones walking tour of Dubrovnik Old Town with a die-hard-fan of a local guide. Walk the streets where the Targaryens, Starks and Lannisters used to walk, find the Littlefinger’s brothel, spot famous locations in their everyday attire, and experience life in the capital of the 7 kingdoms. Climb the fortresses and walls that where attacked by the Baratheons, and admire the endless red rooftops from the Tower of the Undying. Then stroll along the Blackwater Bay shores to climb to Red Keep at the fort of St. Lawrence. Finally, hop on a boat to the leafy island of Lokrum, a stand-in for the city of Quarth near the Jade Sea. Its Benedictine Monastery hosts an informative exhibit about the Game of Thrones filming in Dubrovnik and presents a chance to pose in one of the licensed Throne replicas. Instagram fame guaranteed! Enjoy the rest of the day and the evening to yourself and stay overnight in Dubrovnik.
Following breakfast, enjoy a transfer to the Dubrovnik cable car, waiting to swiftly take you to the top of the mount Srđ, standing 40-meters-tall directly above the Old Town. Enjoy the splendid vistas of the Old Town’s terracotta roofs as they contrast the green Lokrum sitting at its shoulder. See how close the King’s Landing, Quarth and Red Keep are in real life! From the top of the hill, you’ll also be able to discern countries surrounding this small, but unique region: Montenegro on the east and Bosnia and Hercegovina on the north and west. Descend back to the town to take a short drive to the beautiful gardens of Trsteno, the first arboretum in this part of the world. Its lush Renaissance estate and park were the backdrop where Lady Oleanna Tyrell forged her role in the game of thrones, and Sansa Stark and Margaery Tyrell their friendship. Enjoy the evening on your own and an overnight in Dubrovnik.
After breakfast at the hotel, recap your experience and bid farewell to your fellow travelers. Then take a transfer to Dubrovnik Airport. Breakfast at hotel. We will recap everything seen during our short but sweet stay and say goodbye to our fellow travelers before heading to the airport.

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City Walls Walking Tour from Dubrovnik


Starting with a walking tour of Dubrovnik Old Town and ending with a stroll around its City Walls, this guided visit of Dubrovnik leaves no stone unturned.
The medieval walled town of Dubrovnik was built to be shut down for an extended period of time in case of an attack or an epidemic. In order to survive if the need arose, very early on Dubrovnik had a sewer, running water, a pharmacy, granary and other epitomes of advanced civilizations. After meeting your guide at Pile gate, you will explore this UNESCO World heritage site before climbing the city walls. An unparalleled vantage point, the walls deliver a unique perspective onto the treasures so worth protecting.
42,00 €

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Old Town Walking Tour from Dubrovnik


“.... those who seek paradise on Earth
should come to Dubrovnik”
(George Bernard Shaw)

Let our guided city tour of Dubrovnik Old Town weave the story of its history and its present into the splendid fabric of fine architecture and magnificent city walls. Starting from Pile square on the eastern side of Dubrovnik Old Town, embark on a walking tour through the maze of narrow streets, lively piazzas, and stunning palaces like Sponza and churches like St. Blaise. Enjoy the moderate tempo of your walk as you stroll down the main thoroughfare of Stradun, all the way to the Cathedral and the Rector’s Palace, where you will discover a fine synergy between governance and faith which kept Dubrovnik afloat as the independent Republic of Ragusa for 450 years.
17,50 €


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Game of Thrones from Dubrovnik


‘The Winter is Coming’, so perhaps best use the warm days to explore the capital of Westeros, the King’s Landing. 
In its real-life, the Game of Thrones King’s Landing is known as Dubrovnik Old Town. Its stone streets, medieval towers and busy squares were the set for several seasons of the HBO’s mega popular TV show. As you wander around with a die-hard-fan of a guide, spot famous locations in their everyday attire, such as the Walk of Shame stairs, the Littlefinger’s brothel, Red Keep at fort of St. Lawrence, the tower of the Undying among the City Walls. The GOT producers dubbed Dubrovnik as “completely out of a George Martin novel” and this walking tour of Dubrovnik will vividly illustrate what made them think so.
57,50 €

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