Mljet island National park by private motorboat

Some people say that Homer, while describing the enchanted island of Ogigia,

Ulysses and the nymph Calypso, had the island of Mljet in mind. True or not – this island is today certainly a paradise for those who enjoy untouched nature and absolute tranquility.
The main attractions of the island are two saltwater lakes completely surrounded by a thick pinewood forest. Enjoy a boat ride on the larger lake and visit the two saltwater lakes  with the 12th century Benedictine monastery.
There will be plenty of time for swimming, strolling around the lakes or having lunch in one of the charming local restaurants.

Price: 1275 euros (per boat)

Duration: 10 hours The price includes: skipper, soft drinks, snacks, seasonal fruit, fuel for 3h ride, local tax

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