Medjugorje from Dubrovnik


This full-day excursion from Dubrovnik takes you on an inspiring journey across the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina to Međugorje, the pilgrimage site for Catholics from around the world. Međugorje, the land between the hills, has been in the spotlight of Catholic pilgrims ever since 1981, when a group of local children reported that Virgin Mary appeared to them. Apparitions continued in the coming times and Međugorje became one of the main European pilgrimage sites. Starting from Dubrovnik, this day trip travels along the scenic Croatian coast into the southern landscapes of Bosnia and Hercegovina. Exploring Međugorje with a local guide, you will learn the story of miraculous events which had taken place here, as well as have the chance to climb the Apparition Hill, attend a Mass but also pray and contemplate. Although a long day, you are bound to return feeling inspired and refreshed.
49,00 €

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