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Rafting from Split


Coupling untouched nature and an adrenaline rush, rafting on Cetina is by far one of the most memorable activities in Dalmatia.
The emerald Cetina River flows some 100 kilometers through the barren karst of the Dalmatian hinterland, before turning into a gorge and meeting the Adriatic Sea. The most abundant in water of all the rivers around here, Cetina is loved both for its dreamy, wavering bits and its exciting rapids. Starting from Split, travel to the village of Čikotina Lađa for an introduction to rafting and safety before getting onto the real thing. Put on a helmet, grab a paddle and go with the flow! The three hours of excitement end in Blato on Cetina, a scenic spot where you will have some time to sort out your impressions and decide this was the best thing around!
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Sunday, 05 February 2017 17:06

Omis - Cetina from Makarska


Omiš is the tourist centre of a 35km-long riviera of outstanding beauty. Numerous monuments from its past are the witnesses of its long and glorious history. Besides these, nowadays one can find an interesting and colourful market place, a large number of small restaurants, coffee shops, bistros, various shops.
The town of Omiš is best-known for its Festival of the Dalmatian A Cappella Singing Groups.
The Cetina River and its magnificent canyon are cut into the picturesque mountainous massif in the very background of the town itself. Because of the exceptional natural beauty of its stone facade, sailing by small boats through the Cetina River canyon is both enchanting and overpowering.
Lunch included traditional Dalmatian music will round off this exceptional unity of relief and nature.

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