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Island Cruise from Dubrovnik


DURATION: approximately 9 hours

Come on board!

Don't just visit... experience it!

Just like the streets of Dubrovnik were not built to be seen by carriage, but on foot, it is certain that the best views of the Dubrovnik region are from the sea. The historical Galleon is certainly the best stage for such scenery. During this cruise you will see the three most beautiful islands of the Dubrovnik archipelago - Kolocep, Lopud and Sipan, commonly known as the Elafiti islands. The old legend of the islands is hidden in its name - about the old Greeks hunting for deer and subsequently naming the islands - the Deer islands. Green islands, with gardens full of oranges and lemons and lovely seashore landscapes, charming and picturesque villages with harmonious architecture of summer manors; old seaman's houses and little votive churches. Visit all three Elafiti islands and enjoy your lunch - grilled fish and wine while being entertained by our local musicians.
Note: sportswear recommended


departure from the hotel according to the timetable

09:00 departure from Port Gruz

09:30 arrival to Kolocep island and free time

10:15 departure towards Sipan island

11:00 arrival to Sipan; short sightseeing and free time

12:00 lunch (grilled fish, salad, wine) on board the ship, departure for Lopud island

approximately 14:00 arrival to Lopud and free time for swimming and sunbathing

16:30/17:00 departure from Lopud

17:30/18:00 arrival to Port Gruz and transfers to the hotels


Included: transfer, boat ride, tour guide, live music, lunch, wine

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Sunday, 05 February 2017 15:10

Island Cruise from Dubrovnik


Combining history, relaxation and stunning nature into a full-day experience of the Adriatic Sea, this unique sailing excursion takes you to the three Elaphiti Islands on board the galleon Tirena. 
A bit of time sailing will complete your Dubrovnik experience. In the port of Gruž, embark a 16th-century galleon replica Tirena to set off on an idyllic journey to the Elaphites. You will have a chance to visit the three largest islands, Koločep, Šipan and Lopud, all lush in citrus gardens, lovely seashore landscapes, charming villages, old seaman´s houses and little votive churches. On board the ship, the perfect local menu will power your day: grilled fish and tasty salads coupled with some wine. As you’ll surely to be pleasantly tired after a day on the boat, a return transfer will wait for you in the harbour to take you back to the hotel.

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Sunday, 05 February 2017 15:03

Swimming by Galleon from Dubrovnik


This full-day boat excursion serves the essence of Adriatic living: taunt sails, a touch of wind on your face, blue seas and beautiful vistas. Relaxation as it should be. 
If you asked a local how to spend a perfect day around Dubrovnik, it would most certainly involve some swimming. Throw in the historic galleon Tirena, a replica from the golden times of Dubrovnik Republic, and you've got yourself a day of fun, history and true relaxation. You’ll head out to the Elaphite Islands, a green and scenic archipelago northwest of Dubrovnik. Stop to briefly explore Koločep and Šipan, but enjoy ample free time in the middle island Lopud. Enjoy picturesque bays, sandy beaches and perhaps even a local lunch in one the lovely seaside restaurants. Altogether, have yourself a very local experience.

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